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Channel strategy Forex

difficulty in such a strategy – time to determine the channel boundaries.

Trading channel strategy gives you an opportunity to earn money with a well-measured movement of any currency pair. Only when trading this strategy proposes not to trade before a loud and large and the estimated sudden change in trends Forex on currency pair.

To build a channel on the last three extremums, it is necessary to draw a line along the boundaries (bottom, middle, top) of the chart. Or build a line for 2-m vertices, and parallel in the 2nd Nizam. Lines are drawn for maximum and minimum indicators (shadow).

Importantly, when using the trade channel strategy in Forex not to allow to jump to the opposite channel line and promptly to close the deal. It would be better if you take a little less profit than lose a lot.

Based on years of experience, trained traders can confirm that is break of the lower or upper bound. In this case the price moves in your selected direction and depends on the size of the channel breakout.

This strategy in the currency market will suit traders of any level for Pro traders and beginners alike.

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