среда, 12 ноября 2014 г.

Business in Russia

In Russia, anyone can organize your own business!

May need to obtain a license or permit. In Russia, it is quite easy to do! A license is required for trade of alcohol or tobacco products, to implement medication or specialized equipment!
Some products may require certificates of quality!
In Russia, a very low cost skilled labor! Even graduates are prepared to work on the terms of payment is clearly too low!
For the Russian grazhdaninavpolne acceptable earn 2-3 thousand dollars a year!
Even for competent graduate! That means that just over proposals received with enthusiasm!
Russia has long been practiced by the employment of retirees after retirement age! Part of the work looking vulnerable segments of the population! You can send money to this project, using the system PayPal  Just send funds to: smol-pchelka@yandex.ru   Purpose of payment - for family or friends!
Support our project any amount possible!

You can ask any questions in the comments to the message or send your questions to us at: smol-pchelka@yandex.ru

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